Harvest Information Standards (HIS) is a cooperative venture of organizations that share a desire to facilitate the task of taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the people of the world. HIS assists mission sending groups by improving data sharing through standardized codes and categories for common data sets.

HIS Registries

Active registries within the Harvest Information Standards include the Registry of Geography (ROG), Registry of Languages (ROL), Registry of Language Varieties (ROLV), Registry of Ministry Resources (RMR), and Registry of Peoples (ROP).

Registry of Geography (ROG)

Documents codes for identifying geopolitical areas.

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Registry of Languages (ROL)

Documents codes for identifying distinct human languages.

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Registry of Peoples (ROP)

Documents codes for identifying discrete people groups.

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Registry of Language Varieties (ROLV)

Documents codes for identifying language varieties.

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Registry of Ministry Resources (RMR)

Documents codes for classifying resources used in ministry.

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Registry of Religions (ROR)

Cross-references religious codes from multiple standards.

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